Industristad med traditioner

Several times throughout history, Avesta pulled the winning ticket when it came industrial development in the locality. During the 1600s were built here the largest copper works in Avesta rapids. In the late 1800s established Avesta Works and iron production grew rapidly to senior major industry. The stainless steel became one of the 1900s most important industrial products. As we passed in 2000 with a few years Avesta continues to develop as a steel town. In the midst of this ancient rock seems businesses in Avesta Industrial Group.

At the heart of Bergslagen

We are a complete network of highly skilled players in the middle of southern Dalarna bergslag.Dussinet engineering company and any other manufacturer, has been working for fifteen years in an increasingly successful constellation.
Together, we offer tailor flexible solutions, efficient production and short lead times. One result of good knowledge, well-trimmed contact and geographic proximity.

High competence in stimulating competition.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff has a personal commitment and a high level of quality awareness in what is done. We are always looking for easy solutions to difficult problems.
Creative challenges we convert to finished products, by appointing a special skilled project team for each mission.

Beeline from concept to delivery.